Tuesday, 9 August 2011

One day...With an IDEA!

June 2011 - I had an idea one day. One of those ideas that you don't realise its an idea until you've actually done what you needed to do, look back at it, and say "Oh...that turned out pretty good"! My friend and aspiring Fashion Photographer, Jennifer Falowo, asked me to tag along to one of her shoots with my camera in hand. I decided to take pictures of the two models for the day, Merve and Zarah. 

And with each shot, my idea was to portray a feeling...

Here are the results! 

            Zarah (Left)                                     Merve (Right)

This is by far, my favourite shot out of the bunch! The lack of vibrant colour gives the shot a very old and authentic look. The like the A-symmetry of the positioning as well! 

Friday, 5 August 2011

One day...In the Park.

Parks tend to be a great place to shoot photos. The greenery, the nature, it all adds up to create an amazing picture. Sometimes I find it difficult to control extraneous factors that affect the picture...but to some extent, I like that! It's a nice surprise to create such a good picture from shear chance once in a while. Not to say that I'm a complete fool with a camera, but I do know a bit. 

Here are some pictures...have a gander! *Funny word...Gander* XD             

This picture is probably my favourite. The vibrant and rich colours present are amazing! I mean, who would have thought that standing under a tree would be a great position for such an amazing shot!

Model: Hannah

April 2011 - I decided to take pictures of Hannah from a mid to close-up shot. The concept I imagine behind these pictures was based around "a journey". The lighting acted very complimentary when it came to the use of shadows...it gave the effect of mystery and something being hidden. Especially in the photo above. Credit must go to Hannah as well, for being an amazing model for the day...overall I wanted the pictures to tell a story. Something that can be read...